Authorised Economic Operator

AEO status is an internationally recognised quality mark issued by customs.

It indicates that your customs controls are efficient, compliant and that your role in the international supply chain is secure, and this can offer significant advantages to your business.

Benefits of AEO status include:

1. Customs

Getting goods through customs at home and abroad can take time, incurring additional expenses for your business. AEO status, however, whilst not negating all the paperwork and delays, will place you in a better position:

  • Goods pass through quicker and easier with simplified customs procedures with AEO certification
  • Fewer physical and document checks
  • Priority at controls with AEO consignment
  • Can request controls are held at a different place.

2. Business

Internationally recognised, AEO status could be the platform you need during uncertain Brexit trade negotiations. Protecting your business, gives you:

  • More efficient transport and logistics
  • Less risk and more effective checks of other AEO certified partners
  • Potential for lower insurance premiums
  • More efficient import and export systems for you and your European and global customers.

3. Global

With Brexit on the cards, many UK businesses are unsure what this will mean for European trade.
Many businesses are now looking further afield to the global markets for new, exciting opportunities;

  • More than 70 countries worldwide are involved with AEO or a similar initiative
  • The ‘trusted trader’ framework means more opportunities for your business in new countries and markets
  • More efficient approach to international customs

4. Financial

Creating a sound financial base is essential for all businesses. Whilst looking for new markets and initiatives, you also continue to maintain and improve current trade relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.
Efficiency, productivity and profit are intertwined, with AEO status supporting all of these by

  • Increased efficiency in terms of logistics
  • Reduce risk when working with new partners who are AEO certified
  • Quicker, more efficient approach from customs, a bottleneck in the logistics process
  • Preferential treatment from other businesses, and from customs too
  • Easy and affordable AEO certification – 100% guaranteed

Our step by step approach to certification reduces the time and paperwork required to complete the process. Preparing for certification is easy and affordable with Synergos which is why we 100% guarantee our service.

How can we help you with your AEO status?

Synergos can help you make a commercial assessment which involves assessing the benefits AEO Status can bring to your business. We will help determine the most appropriate status for you as well as the cost for successful application.

Once you’ve understood the benefits that AEO status will give your business, we can guide you through the process of assembling the necessary information and documentation, including a self-assessment questionnaire and complete the application.

Here to help you